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Register for the webinar: Industrial IoT Gateway enables Anomaly Detection on the Edge

Register for the webinar: Industrial IoT Gateway enables Anomaly Detection on the Edge

Date : 7. February 2023

Webinar on 1st of March 2023 at 04:00 pm CET via GoToWebinar

Experts from DH electronics, Klika Tech, STMicroelectronics and AWS developed a solution that detects equipment-level anomalies by finding actionable insights in collected data. The solution is based on the AWS Greengras Qualified Industrial IoT Gateway by DH electronics which uses a STM32MP15-based System on Module to pre-process machine-level data at the edge. The IIoT Anomaly Development solution accelerator runs tinyML and Amazon SageMaker NEO at the edge to find abnormal behavior and ensure ongoing ML model optimization. These advanced technologies allow customers to eliminate system inefficiencies, increase asset uptime and utilization, and extend equipment lifecycles. The IIoT Gateway is designed for industrial environment: the robust housing can be mounted on a DIN rail, operating temperature is 0 to +50 °C, DualEthernet enables highest security, long-term availability of 10+ years is guaranteed and Software will be maintained.


Who should attend the webinar:

  • For Soft- and Hardware Developer this webinar will show a use case of the IOT gateway from DH electronics in combination with AI and anomaly detection.
  • Product manager can gain an insight in the possible features and benefits of cloud computing and may think about possible new business models.


What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How does anomaly detection at the edge work and what are the advantages?
  • Why is the IIoT Gateway by DH electronics the ideal hardware for this?
  • Why is Klika Tech the preferred partner to deliver best-in-class IoT solutions?
  • Live Demo: Anomaly detection with a 3D printer


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