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5-Cent Cooling Solution

Innovative cooling solution for System on Modules

5-Cent Cooling Solution

System on Modules are equipped with powerful CPUs that can perform numerous complex computing operations in the shortest possible time. This generates heat that must be dissipated, especially when compute modules are installed in devices with housings. With our 5-Cent Cooling Solution, we offer a time-, space- and cost-saving cooling solution that does not require any heat sinks at all. Our System on Modules are designed for a storage and operating temperature of -40 to +85 °C.

Advantages of our innovative cooling solution

  • Cost saving: only gap pad needed, no costs for heat sink and mounting 
  • Space-saving: slim product design, no space needed for heat sink 
  • Time-saving: easy handling of gap pads by simply sticking them on
  • Robust: cooling solution with low weight is shock and vibration resistant

The 5-Cent Cooling Solution can be combined with the following DHCOM modules:

  • DHCOM i.MX8M Plus
  • DHCOM i.MX6 Solo | DualLite | Dual | Quad
  • DHCOM AM335x

All System on Modules

How the 5-Cent Cooling Solution works

With our Cooling Solution, heat is dissipated from the processor through thermal vias into the inner copper layers of the PCB via a 5-Cent copper surface with the aid of a gap pad. 

There, the heat is distributed evenly over the carrier board and is dissipated by it to the environment primarily by convection and thermal radiation. The even heat distribution protects the remaining components from overheating. 

If required, additional heat dissipation can be connected to the 5-Cent copper area on the underside of the carrier board. For example, the case can be used for optimum heat dissipation via another gap pad.