DH electronics GmbH
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About DH electronics

Learn more about our vision and values

About DH electronics

Our vision is to actively shape the digital world of tomorrow. Even though our embedded products and services are used in many areas, we focus on customers in our core industries of building and industrial automation. When working together as a team and with partners, openness and honesty are particularly important to us. We also value an open communication and failure culture. Our corporate culture is characterized by four core values.

Our vision

In a family environment, we passionately develop innovative, sustainable solutions for the digital world of tomorrow - based on our embedded products and services.

Even though our embedded systems can be applied in almost all industries, we primarily serve customers from our core industries:

  • Building Automation & Smart Building
  • Laboratory & Measurement
  • eMobility & Transportation
  • Mechanical & Plant Engineering
  • Medical & Measurement Technology

Our values

Together, we have developed four values that serve as a basis for decision-making in our daily cooperation. Whether in the team, towards customers or partners: we are guided by our values.

At the same time, our corporate culture leaves plenty of room for our own decisions, creative approaches to solutions, innovative developments and mutual trust. 

  • Partnership: We live our motto "open and honest" in every way.
  • Flexibility: We enable individual embedded solutions for our customers.
  • Entrepreneurship: We think holistically, long-term and responsibly.
  • Creativity: We find an innovative solution for every complex challenge.

Our future

The company name DH electronics goes back to the initials of the two founders Stefan Daxenberger and Helmut Henschke. Today, it reflects the spirit of the entire team: as Digital Heroes, we are actively shaping the digital world of tomorrow.

Firmly rooted in Chiemgau, we are down-to-earth and at the same time always strive for new ideas that improve our world.

In order to question established views, to be inspired by trends and to make entrepreneurial decisions based on them, we have developed the format GEIDZ "Together Successfully into the Future", in which executives and team members regularly come together.