DH electronics GmbH
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Software Development

In addition to hardware development, software development is also one of our core competencies

Software Development

We have specialized in Linux (Yocto and Debian) and developed a passion for open source. We also do research in the area of artificial intelligence in the context of embedded systems - also called embedded AI. Besides the development of BSPs, we also deal with user interface design and cloud computing and here we also work closely with partners from the DH ecosystem.

Linux Debian & Yocto

For more than 30 years we have been involved in the development of individual embedded systems. Over time we have specialized in Linux as an embedded operating system and today we support root file systems based on Yocto and Debian. We are convinced of the open source movement and make our code available to the Linux kernel community.

Board Support Packages

The board support package is the software layer that abstracts the hardware from the operating system. This includes routines for initializing and parameterizing the various hardware components and the device drivers required to make the hardware components available in the operating system.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are not buzzwords for us, but key technologies of the future. We have already been able to build up know-how within the scope of research projects and are now increasingly applying this in practice. With our high-performance System on Modules we can perform complex computational operations and already realize first practical applications. We are convinced that object, face, gesture and speech recognition will provide added value in many future projects.


User Interface design 

We create the basis for our customers' application development. As in the consumer sector, the requirements for functionality, user-friendliness and design of Human Machine Interfaces are also increasing in the industrial environment. Together with partners from our DH ecosystem, we can support the design and development of high-performance embedded HMIs.  Our customizable Human Machine Interfaces with display diagonals from 4.3'' to 10.1'' serve as a basis.



You are looking for an individual embedded solution?

We can help!

Thanks to our modular system, we can develop individual embedded solutions quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Especially for Human Machine Interfaces and IoT Gateways we use existing components and thus enable a short time-to-market for individual developments.