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Smart Heating: intelligent heating with modern heat pumps

Smart Heating: intelligent heating with modern heat pumps

The interface module developed individually by DH for Kermi serves as the central interface in building automation and is used in all new heat pumps.


Who is our interview partner?
Tobias Pieper has been Head of Heat Pump Business at Arbonia HVAC since April 2022. The business economist is supporting the company in a strong growth phase and is consistently aligning the Heat Pump division for the future.

Who is our customer?
Kermi GmbH, based in Plattling, is a company of Arbonia AG. As an internationally oriented producer, Kermi is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, both in heating technology and in the shower sector.

What is the application?
Kermi uses a customized interface module from DH electroncis for efficient control and regulation of the heat pump systems. The base board of the DRC02 IoT gateway forms the basis for this individual development. The interface module serves as the central interface in building automation and is used in all heat pumps of the current Kermi series.

What was the initial situation?
The development of a new generation of heat pumps was accompanied by Kermi's search for a new partner to develop an innovative control and regulation concept. The company has clear requirements for the new system, which is to combine various subcomponents and control them intelligently. In addition, further components are to be integrated via MODBUS and remote maintenance and software updates are to be possible from a distance. For this, Kermi needs a strong partner with convincing expertise in hardware and software.

What are the distinguishing features of the cooperation?
DH electronics is able to establish itself as one of five suppliers as the favorite after the initial discussions with Kermi. This is largely due to the fact that DH electronics can quickly provide a platform for testing purposes with the existing IoT gateway and then adapt it to Kermi's individual needs with little effort and at attractive costs. The modular building block system also enables maximum flexibility, as individual components can be replaced with more powerful ones at a later date. In addition, the DH team consists of competent hardware and software developers who always take new requirements into account during the course of the project and can be contacted at any time. In addition, DH has a strong manufacturing partner in BMK in Augsburg. The physical proximity as well as a common language and value base are also an advantage. After the first tests with the custom-developed interface module, series production can start soon.

What does Kermi particularly appreciate about DH electronics?

  • Very close and regular coordination with the DH team in Research and Development (RND) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).
  • High degree of flexibility and customizability of DH products
  • Comprehensive support in hardware and software and therefore "everything from one source
  • Possibility to integrate additional components via MODBUS
  • Scalability of the solution through modular construction system
  • Partnership as well as common understanding of values and language as an advantage
  • Engineered and Made in Germany with guaranteed availability of 10+ years

We are looking forward to further cooperation with Kermi and are proud to provide the central element in all current heat pumps with the interface module. We look forward to being Kermi's partner in a strong growth phase and to writing a success story together.


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