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7'' HMI for thermal analysis devices

7'' HMI for thermal analysis devices

DH electronics convinces as a full-service provider: capacitive touch, carrier board, SOM, assembly, bonding, BSP


Who is our interview partner?
Dr. Thilo Hilpert has been working in development at NETZSCH-Gerätebau for more than 15 years and, as Head of Electronics Development, is responsible for electronics development. In this role, he is involved in both strategic and technical issues.

Who is our customer?
The NETZSCH Group consists of three business units, with the "Analyzing & Testing" business unit specializing in thermoanalytical instruments and instruments for determining thermophysical properties as well as fire testing instruments and rheology . With sales of € 120 million and 600 employees worldwide in 2020, the Business Unit thus accounts for 20% of the NETZSCH Group.

What is the application?
The devices for the thermal analysis of materials are used in both academia and industry and enable the development of new materials as well as quality assurance. As part of a new design for the analyzers, a touch display will also be introduced. The HMI with capacitive multi-touch will be an advanced operating option alongside the Proteus® measurement software to allow users to check measurement progress at a glance or customize instrument functions.

What was the initial situation?
As part of the design project, NETZSCH was looking for a partner who could both offer a frameless 7'' HMI with capacitive touch, including a suitable System on Module, and provide support during implementation. The guaranteed long-term availability of 10+ years is also elementary for the durable measuring instruments. The first contact with DH electronics was made at the embedded world Exhibition and Conference 2020 in Nuremberg.

What are the distinguishing features of the cooperation?

Already at the first meeting DH electronics convinces with 30 years of experience in the embedded field, specific know-how in electronics and display design as well as the development of own SOMs and HMIs. As one of three suppliers in the shortlist, DH electronics initially samples NETZSCH with a standard solution consisting of DHMI 7 with DHCOM STM32MP1. After first positive tests DH prevails over the other suppliers and develops in the second step a completely customized solution with smaller footprint. In addition to expertise, the decisive factors were DH's constant positive development in terms of sales and personnel, as well as a similar culture and shared understanding of values. The fact that all products are Engineered and Made in Germany and guaranteed to be available for 10+ years also has a positive impact on the evaluation.

In the further course, it turns out that the final GUI requires significantly more performance than the demo from NETZSCH. However, it was possible to switch to a more powerful DHCOM i.MX6 Quad module without any problems. An upgrade to the DHCOM i.MX8M Plus SOM will be done as soon as it is available from DH for serial production. In addition to the hardware, DH electronics also provides support for the adaptation of the Linux BSP. Even if NETZSCH takes care of Yocto itself, support can always be provided flexibly by the DH developers via a support budget.

All in all, DH electronics was able to convince as a full-service provider who could offer both the display with capacitive touch and the base board with the corresponding system on module and at the same time has the know-how in terms of mechanical assembly and bonding as well as in software issues around the BSP.

What does NETZSCH particularly appreciate about DH electronics?

  • Engineered and Made in Germany with guaranteed availability of 10+ years.
  • Support by a team with specific know-how in HMI and SOM
  • Complete solution consisting of display, touch, SOM, mechanics and software
  • Individual adaptation of the standard solution to the needs of NETZSCH
  • Support in the adaptation of the Linux BSP (Yocto) via a support budget
  • Very good advice and support from the product managers for DHMI and DHSOM
  • Family business with over 30 years of experience in the embedded sector
  • Similarities in language and culture make the cooperation uncomplicated

We are happy to support NETZSCH with a customized HMI solution and the matching SOM to make the daily life of those who work with the instruments easier. In the next step we will tackle the integration of our DHCOM i.MX8M Plus module together.

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