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Success Story: DH electronics x SPINNER Group

Success Story: DH electronics x SPINNER Group

Date : 17. November 2020

Our interview partner 
After graduating from the Technical University of Rosenheim, Michael Lege started his professional life as a development engineer at SPINNER. In the meantime he has been working there for 16 years and is currently Head of Product Development Electronics Line, where he and his team are responsible for electronics development.

About Spinner Group
For almost 75 years the SPINNER Group has been setting standards with its products in high frequency technology, making the information age even more vivid. Their own standards are clearly defined: HIGH FREQUENCY PERFORMANCE WORLDWIDE

The application 
SPINNER offers a system for detecting errors and weaknesses in the broadcasting infrastructure of broadcast networks. The system can be used to detect the occurrence of arcs or water ingress and to prevent serious consequential damage such as fire in time. The consequences would be fatal, especially for unmanned antenna stations, which are now stationed ever closer to residential areas. In order to enable an uninterrupted data transmission between the control center and the transmitter station, a System on Module including carrier board from DH electronics is used.

The initial situation 
Prior to the cooperation with DH eletronics, SPINNER had already been in contact with two major embedded vendors to realize the described application. However, both times the expectations of a professional cooperation were not fulfilled. In the first case the provider could not keep the initially promised long-term availability, in the second case the technical support was not satisfactory. Of course, this could not be accepted, especially for a safety-relevant application, and so SPINNER again started looking for a partner in the field of embedded systems.

The cooperation 
Through the recommendation of a satisfied customer of DH electronics, Michael Lege then became aware of the provider of embedded systems in nearby Bergen. He remembered that in an earlier project he had already received very detailed and competent advice from the Digital Heroes team. Thereupon Michael Lege talked to our DHSOM product manager and explained his requirements and previous problems. SPINNER needed a reliable module including carrier board with two Ethernet ports within a very short time. With the DH PICOITX2 carrier board in combination with an i.MX6 System on Module, DH electronics was able to provide a prototype for the application in only a few days. After the first tests were successful, the other series modules were delivered within a few days. Since then DH electronics' components have been successfully used at SPINNER in the system for detecting errors and weaknesses in the broadcasting infrastructure of broadcast networks. In addition, SPINNER is currently conducting initial tests with the DHCOM STM32MP1 to evaluate its use in other applications.

Here you can find out at a glance what SPINNER particularly appreciates about DH electronics:

  • Detailed and competent advice from our product manager
  • Open and honest corporate culture in which promises are kept
  • Trustful cooperation in which problems are openly addressed
  • Technical support experts who answer questions quickly and competently
  • High-quality products that are fully functional and ready to use right away
  • Extremely fast implementation and short time-to-market

We are pleased that we were able to help our customer in such a short time and look forward to further cooperation. Of course we will continue to rely on a trustful cooperation in the future under the motto "open and honest".

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