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Embedded HMI solution based on STM32MP1 and Candera CGI Studio

Embedded HMI solution based on STM32MP1 and Candera CGI Studio

Date : 31. January 2022

Fast and easy to a high-performance embedded HMI solution? We make this possible together with our partner Candera. 

Candera GmbH, based in Linz, is a leading provider of HMI tools and development partner for worldwide automotive and industrial customers and supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as the provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software. Both Candera and DH electronics are official ST partners. The strong partnership between DH electronics, Candera and ST results in significant benefits for customers. Scalable, flexible, fast and simple solutions for embedded processing are realized in close coordination.

  1. Scalability: By choosing the SOM, customers can scale the performance e.g. from simple to high-end devices. CGI Studio is scalable across hardware platforms, in team sizes and from simple 2D to high-end 3D HMIs.
  2. Flexibility: the system on module can be easily swapped, mainline Linux is supported, and DH electronics acts as a full-service provider. Candera also offers operating system independence, reusability in the customer's product portfolio and a flexible development process.
  3. Speed and simplicity: On the part of DH electronics, the development of HMI solutions based on existing components enables a fast and cost-effective out-of-the-box solution. Candera features fast HMI design with the Smart Importer and the CGI Studio toolchain with complete HMI development capabilities.

To summarize, here's what we can say:

Customers can reduce development time by benefiting from a truly full-featured and verticalized solution offered by candera's innovative CGI Studio technology, optimized on DH electronics' solderable DHCOR System on Module. The entire system is based on ST's STM32MP1 and its 3D IP.

On YouTube we show an embedded HMI solution based on our STM32MP1 module in combination with the Avenger96 development board. The user interface was implemented with CGI Studio. In the video any touch display with external development board has been used. For development purposes such a setup offers all necessary functions, for series production we recommend one of our integrated touch panel solutions from the DHMI product line. Here carrier board and system on module are already integrated so that the complete device is ready for mounting.

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