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Success Story: DH electronics x AVILOO GmbH

Success Story: DH electronics x AVILOO GmbH

Date : 23. July 2021

Our interview partner 
Nikolaus Mayerhofer is one of the two founders of AVILOO and, as CTO, responsible for technical management. The passionate outdoor sports enthusiast founded AVILOO GmbH in 2017 with his university friend Wolfgang Berger. At the time, the goal of the two visionaries was to develop an independent battery health check for lithium batteries.

Today, AVILOO offers what is currently the only objective and independent battery test for used electric vehicles. Both the lithium batteries in pure electric cars and in vehicles with plug-in hybrid can thus be checked for their quality. In this way, AVILOO enables buyers and sellers of used electric vehicles to enjoy greater transparency and fair value for money when making a purchase. In addition, the environmental footprint of electric vehicles is reduced, for example, by being able to broker cars with a low range to short-distance drivers.

The application
The AVILOO Dataplatform evaluates millions of complex battery health data and calculates the health status of the battery. Data processing requires an embedded computer that taps the data from various sensors and sends it to the cloud for further processing.

The initial situation
During the test phase, a RaspPi Zero was used for this purpose, but it quickly reached its performance limit. Nikolaus Mayerhofer therefore looked around for powerful and Linux-based dual core processors. Through our distribution partner Arrow Electronics, he became aware of the STM32MP1-based computer modules from DH electronics. After an Arrow Electronics seminar on the Avenger96 developer board, Mr. Mayerhofer received a free development board with the solderable DHCOR STM32MP1 for testing purposes. The first tests were very positive and also the complete package of hardware and software support offered by DH electronics convinced the technical manager of AVILOO. After detailed consultation by product manager Andreas Geisreiter, our customer then decided on the pluggable DHCOM STM32MP1 with SODIMM-200 socket. AVILOO thus does not need its own carrier board and design-in could be started directly.

The cooperation
Thanks to the flexible modular system, the desired variant of the system-on-module could be made available quickly, reducing the time-to-market for AVILOO. There was a constant exchange between Nikolas Mayerhofer and product manager Andreas Geisreiter. DH electronics has now delivered a total of 1,500 DHCOM STM32MP1 modules, and another 1,000 have been ordered. In the coming years, AVILOO expects an increasing demand for used electric vehicles and therefore anticipates up to 10,000 modules per year in the next two to three years.

Here you can find out at a glance what AVILOO particularly appreciates about DH electronics:

  • Fast implementation and short time-to-market thanks to modular construction system
  • Detailed and competent consulting by our product manager Andreas
  • Uncomplicated communication thanks to spatial proximity and the same language
  • Manufacturing partner with sufficient stock for fast delivery
  • Engineered and Made in Germany as a promise of quality

We are very pleased to be able to accompany our customer AVILOO in its steady growth and are excited about the development of the coming years. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to contribute to more transparency and sustainability in the field of electric mobility by using our computer modules in the AVILOO Box.

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