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The new DHCOR STM32MP13 - a milestone

The new DHCOR STM32MP13 - a milestone

Date : 2. May 2023

With the new DHCOR STM32MP13 DH electronics offers an entry-level Linux system with a large number of interfaces and application areas. For those who have so far equipped their systems with microcontrollers, the DHCOR STM32MP13 offers a real alternative. In order to keep the costs low, we have chosen a solder-on module, so that a cost-effective, automated assembly is possible. The small dimensions of 29 x 29 x 3.2 mm correspond to the size of a postage stamp and enable use in all application areas. Microcontrollers have often been used especially in the areas of smart homes and eMobility but are slowly reaching their limits. The DHCOR STM32MP13 thus closes the gap between classic microcontroller applications and the use of a full-fledged operating system such as Linux.

The STM32MP13 is based on a single ARM Cortex-A7 running at up to 1 GHz and features a wide range of connectivity options, eMMC and SPI boot flash, WiFi, Bluetooth and supports Dual GB Ethernet and Dual CAN-FD. In addition, the STPMIC1 enables low-power modes and powers USB 2.0 host and USB OTG as well as the entire motherboard. Furthermore, with the DHCOR STM32MP13, all SoC functions are available on the mainboard. The new DHCOR STM32MP13 is also suitable for the areas of Industry 4.0, factory automation, plant and machine engineering and medical technology. The new STM32MP13 from the famous STM32MP1 family also offers enhanced security features. The importance of long-term availability in the field of embedded systems has become increasingly clear in recent years. Therefore DH electronics guarantees a long-term availability of 10+ years also for the STM32MP13. The DHCOR STM32MP13 is expected to be available by the end of May, as well as the corresponding STM32MP13 Development Board.


You can find product details, block diagram and the datasheet of DHCOR STM32MP13 here:


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