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Strong partnership between BMK and DH electronics

Strong partnership between BMK and DH electronics

We are proud of this exceptionally close collaboration with our long-standing manufacturing partner BMK - through whom we make the difference.


This case study highlights the cooperation between DH electronics and our manufacturing partner BMK. The close cooperation results in several advantages for our customers.

Our interview partners
Dominik Negele is Head of Sales Team at BMK and thus leads the team that serves DH electronics as a customer and is responsible for the handling of the products. Mr. Negele has a technical and business education and has been working for BMK in Augsburg for more than 10 years.

Anton Bock has been head of the Supply Chain Management department at DH electronics for almost 10 years. The business economist is the first contact person for customers and suppliers of DH electronics and takes care of purchasing, sales and distribution. Together with his team, Mr. Bock is responsible for both strategic planning and operational implementation.

About BMK
Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, BMK is a leading provider of Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E2MS) for the complete life cycle of electronic assemblies. More than 5,500 different electronic products are manufactured on a production area of over 30,000 m².

About DH electronics
DH electronics is an expert in the development of individual embedded solutions for building automation, industrial IoT applications (IIoT) and more ares. As a full-service provider, DH electronics not only takes care of software and hardware development, but also project management and coordination of project partners.

What tasks does BMK take on in the collaboration?
While the DH electronics team mainly concentrates on the development of new products, BMK takes over the production of prototypes and series products. In Augsburg, the SMT and THT assembly, the assembly as well as functional and quality tests are carried out. BMK also supports the procurement and storage of components. The shipment of the finished products to DH electronics' customers as well as some of the aftersales services are also handled by BMK.

What tasks does DH electronics assume in the cooperation?
Of course, DH electronics is the first point of contact for its own customers and maps the complete product life cycle from the initial idea to the finished product and beyond. This includes the joint definition of the specifications, the subsequent implementation in development and the transfer of the final production data to BMK. In particular, the team around Mr. Bock takes care of the lifecycle management of standard and customized products and devices. This includes the search for alternative components, the redesign of existing boards if necessary and of course the communication of changes to the customers.

What makes the cooperation between BMK and DH electronics so special?
The close cooperation between BMK and DH electronics goes far beyond a classic customer-supplier relationship. BMK is more than an EMS. The teams of both companies have been working closely together on a daily basis for almost 20 years. This has enabled a basis of trust to be built up over the years, which not only makes working together very pleasant, but also makes it easier. Challenges are openly discussed at eye level and consequently quickly mastered.

What advantages does the partnership with BMK offer DH electronics' customers?
DH electronics as a specialist for individual embedded systems and BMK as an efficient EMS service provider form the perfect team to realize high-quality embedded products and devices. Some advantages of the cooperation are listed here:

  • BMK is one of the largest and most experienced EMS service providers in Europe.
  • BMK has a purchasing team for crises as well as a location in China.
  • BMK brings learnings from other projects to the manufacturing of DH products.
  • Products from DH electronics are manufactured at BMK on state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The close cooperation enables short distances and fast reaction times.
  • Both DH electronics and BMK can implement individual customer requirements.
  • Both companies are leaders in their field and are constantly developing.
  • All DH elecronics products are Engineered and Made in Germany.

We are proud of this exceptionally close cooperation with our long-term manufacturing partner BMK - through which we make the difference. For 18 years now, the teams of both companies have been working closely together and, of course, the team from BMK could not be absent from DH electronics' 30th anniversary in 2021.

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