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STM32MP15 in clean room and energy management applications

STM32MP15 in clean room and energy management applications

iPLON Solutions uses the DHCOR STM32MP15 and the IoT Gateway DRC02 based on the DHCOM STM32MP15.


Who is our interview partner?
Edgar Schneider has been managing director and shareholder of iPLON Solutions GmbH since 2018, focusing on software development, telecontrol technology and energy management. In this role, he leads a team of 12 employees in the Wolpertshausen Ecopark. Previously, Mr. Schneider had already worked for 20 years as CTO of iPLON GmbH, from which iPLON Solutions GmbH emerged under new management in 2018.

Who is our customer?
Sustainability is in the foreground at iPLON Solutions and the company makes a valuable contribution to the energy and heat transition with its product and solution portfolio. iPLON Solutions offers systems and services for the operation and maintenance of energy generation plants (PV, CHP, wind and hydropower plants) as well as solution concepts for smart grids and smart cities. In this context, in-house developments for the feed-in management of power generation plants and their total lifecycle management are to be emphasized. The product range also includes products for direct marketing and forecasting as well as for the management of grid stability, self-consumption and energy efficiency.

What is the application?
For the cleanroom technology sector, iPLON Solutions has developed a complete solution consisting of hardware and software for monitoring and controlling filter fan units and also provides an interface for visualization. For this application, iPLON currently uses the DHCOR STM32MP15 soldering module. In addition, Mr. Schneider's team is using the DRC02 IoT gateway based on the DHCOM STM32MP15, another product from DH's standard portfolio. The gateway is used as a data logger in clean room applications and for monitoring power generation plants. The decision for the STM32-based IoT gateway was an easy one for iPLON Solutions, as they had already gained experience with the System on Module from the STM32MP1x family.     

What was the initial situation?
Edgar Schneider and Stefan Daxenberger have known each other since the 2000s, when DH electronics made a name for itself with the first LON (Local Operating Network) products. When the previous SOM supplier of iPLON Solutions discontinued the computer module that had been used in the clean room application up to that point and the stock from the Last Time Buy was coming to an end, Mr. Schneider, together with the development manager Mr. Kurz, approached DH electronics again. The first request was for a direct replacement of the computer module in the existing assembly. Due to the tight space conditions on the carrier board, DH electronics recommended a solder-on module with only 29 x 29 mm. In addition, iPLON Solutions had some requirements for the computer module, which the DHCOR STM32MP15 fulfills optimally. For example, the SOM must enable the control of a display using the parallel bus while simultaneously using the RGB interface. In addition to meeting the technical requirements, the close proximity and competent advice from the product managers and supply chain team also played a decisive role in the decision to choose DH electronics as iPLON Solutions' new supplier.  After the first inquiry at DH, the suitable system on module was quickly selected and tested with first prototypes, in the meantime the serial production is running.

After the positive impression in the cooperation with DH electronics and the first experiences with the DHCOR STM32MP15, iPLON Solutions approached DH electronics with another request. An OPC UA server was to be implemented for data exchange on the IoT gateway previously used as a data logger. In doing so, the computer module used so far reached its limits, as RAM and flash memory were not sufficient. iPLON now obtains a complete IoT gateway based on the DHCOM STM32MP15 from DH electronics and thus has a powerful solution that is suitable for mounting on a DIN rail and meets the price target. iPLON Solutions customers can now remotely access their power generation equipment and view yields, error messages and alarms in real time.

What are the distinguishing features of the cooperation?
Both iPLON Solutions (formerly iPLON GmbH) and DH electronics were founded in the 1990s and have since evolved from service providers to complete solution providers. Moreover, the companies share a similar understanding of values and are committed to a change towards more sustainability in the digital world. DH electronics was not only able to provide iPLON Solutions with the appropriate hardware in a short time, but also support them in software issues. Since iPLON itself employs experts in Linux and application programming, only selective support from the DH team was necessary. The expenses were covered by a support budget and regular updates were provided to both sides, so that both projects were quickly completed to the point of series production. iPLON Solutions now also purchases the DRC02 IoT gateways in series from DH electronics.

What does iPLON Solutions particularly appreciate about DH electronics?

  • DHCOR STM32MP15 available as replacement for discontinued predecessor solution
  • Powerful IoT Gateway DRC02 with DHCOM STM32MP15 for OPC UA
  • Close and regular coordination with product management and RND
  • Physical proximity, partnership and common understanding of values
  • Engineered and Made in Germany with guaranteed availability of 10+ years

We are looking forward to the further cooperation with iPLON Solutions and to contribute to the energy and heat transition with our products.


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