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AI: Object Detection with YOLOv4 on DHCOM i.MX8M Plus

DH electronics is NXP Registered Partner

Camera Kit now available with SOM, baseboard and MIPI-camera

This trade fair demo shows object recognition as an application of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) of the DHCOM i.MX8M Plus, which works with up to 2.3 TOPS. The raw image data received from a MIPI sensor module is made available to a GStreamer pipeline using the ISP of the DHCOM i.MX8M Plus and the libcamera. YOLOv4 Tiny is used as the neural network and the runtime is TensorFlow-Lite. We use the Premium Developer Kit as the carrier board for the pluggable DHCOM i.MX8M Plus System on Module. Image acquisition is realized with a VC MIPI IMX327-C camera module from Vision Components. The successor models with the IMX462-C image sensors or the new IMX662-C image sensor from the improved Sony Starvis 2 series can also be used. The industrial-grade rolling shutter cameras with a 2.1 megapixel image sensor offer a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1080 pixels. Support for all VC MIPI cameras is planned for the future. Vision Components develops and produces MIPI cameras and embedded vision systems for industrial series products in Germany. Customized camera modules and special solutions are also available.

New: DH electronics camera kit

  • System on Module: DHCOM i.MX8M Plus
  • Carrierboard: Premium Developer Kit 
  • MIPI camera: VC MIPI IMX327-C camera module (Vision Components)

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