Which Modules fit this Cooling Solution ?

  • DHCOM AM335x
  • DHCOM i.MX6 Solo
  • DHCOM i.MX6 DualLite
  • DHCOM i.MX6 Dual
  • DHCOM i.MX6 Quad

Temperature Comparison: DHCOM i.MX6 Quad

Initial situation: All four CPUs and GPUs are running at full load.

DHCOM 5-Cent Cooling Solution

The 5-Cent Cooling Solution is an innovative cooling solution for our System on Modules. It got its name from the round copper surface. Coupled with a gap pad, its copper surface dissipates the heat from the processor into the inner layers of the circuit board using thermal vias. There, the heat is distributed evenly over the carrier board and is mostly dissipated to the environment by convection and heat radiation. The even heat distribution protects the remaining components from overheating.

Another option for using the 5-Cent Cooling Solution is the direct conduction of the CPU heat to the housing of the product. In this case the heat is passed through from the thermal vias to the housing using  an additional gap pad. This ensures even lower CPU temperatures and eliminates the need for a heat sink even with greater thermal power dissipation.


Benefits of using the 5-Cent Cooling Solution:

  • Cost savings – no costs for heat sink or mounting, a simple gap pad does the job
  • Space savings – substantially slimmer devices since no space for a heat sink is required
  • Efficiency – the 5-Cent Cooling Solution is just as effective as a heat sink
  • Time savings – simpler mounting using only one or two gap pads
  • Easier mounting – board orientation is not limited by heat sink constraints
  • Robust devices – less weight means significantly better shock and vibration behavior

Heat dissipation via carrier board

The carrier board works as a heat sink. A gap pad ensures proper heat dissipation from the processor to the circuit board.


Heat dissipation via carrier board and housing

To dissipate larger heat quantities, the housing can be used as a heat sink. In this case, the heat is dissipated to the housing, using a second gap pad on the bottom side of the carrier board.


Even heat distribution without overheating

The thermal image proves it: thermal vias and the copper surface in the 5-cent zone ensure even heat distribution inside the carrier board without local overheating.

Rear View  (thermografic camera)