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Obsolescence Management at DH electronics

Strategic | Proactive | Reactive | Consulting

Obsolescence management refers to a structured process that investigates and reduces the effects of obsolescence at an early stage. This can prevent negative consequences of product discontinuations such as supply bottlenecks or price increases.  We cover various aspects of Obsolescence Management:

Strategic Obsolescence Management

  • product development with long-term available components
  • early development of alternative designs
  • analysis of the availability of components already in the development process
  • selection and qualification of second sources
  • management of inventories in close coordination with our manufacturing partner BMK in Augsburg

Proactive Obsolescence Management

  • constantly updated own component database
  • search options in other component databases, e.g. from our EMS partner
  • component monitoring based on databases
  • Lifecycle analysis of parts lists
  • availability forecasts of components
  • identification and evaluation of procurement risks
  • direct information gathering from manufacturers
  • Product Change Notification Management (PCN)
  • End-of-Life-Management (EOL)
  • securing the all-time demand of discontinued components
  • stockpiling and long-term storage with preservation measures
  • long-term programs for components

Reactive Obsolescence Management

  • Last Time Buy
  • redesign and requalification of assemblies based on current components
  • procurement via brokers (only in exceptional cases)
  • determination of possible alternative components, substitution


  • workshop for the development of an obsolescence management strategy
  • our team gives you individual recommendations for your project
  • we define a common approach
  • in our office, at your site or remotely

You are looking for an individual embedded solution?

We can help!

Thanks to our modular system, we can develop individual embedded solutions quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Especially for Human Machine Interfaces and IoT Gateways we use existing components and thus enable a short time-to-market for individual developments.