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Success Story: DH electronics x Marantec Company Group

Success Story: DH electronics x Marantec Company Group

Date : 14. December 2021

Our interview partner
Marc Hellweg has been Head of Innovation at the Marantec Company Group for three years. In this role, the industrial engineer is responsible for the development of innovative products and business models. Previously, he was a product manager at Marantec Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH. In both functions, he is concerned with digital transformation and the associated idea of a smart garage.

About Marantec Company Group
The Marantec Company Group is the technology company for the intelligent and individual automation of doors and offers complete product, process and service solutions for private and commercial doors.

The application
With maveo, Marantec makes garages smart and enables the opening and closing of garage and yard doors via a smartphone app. The maveo box is the core of the maveo ecosystem, which can be supplemented with smart lights, the maveo h+t sensors for temperature and humidity measurements, or the maveo scanner for secure access control.

The initial situation
The maveo box acts as a gateway in the maveo ecosystem. DH electronics supplies the space-saving (29.0 x 29.0 x 3.2 mm) and energy-efficient (typ. 0.5 W) DHCOR i.MX6UL(L) solder-in module as the appropriate computer module. The system on module collects all data within the system and then processes it further. A Bluetooth and WiFi antenna is already integrated on the module. Crypto Engine and Secure Boot also enable secure and encrypted data transmission - an important feature when it comes to building security.

The cooperation
Before Marantec Group decided to work with DH electronics, there were problems with the previous suppliers, as there were repeated failures of the hardware and thus of the maveo box. Today, the product managers appreciate all the more the quality of DH hardware, which is delivered fail-safe and with the highest manufacturing quality. The DHCOR i.MX6UL(L) is developed and produced in Germany and this is noticeable. With the guaranteed long-term availability of 10+ years, Marc as a product manager has one less thing to worry about, because DH electronics takes care of the lifecycle management of the module. The support as a full-service provider also makes his life easier, because we have the overview and take care of any problems that may arise. It is the combination of hardware and software know-how that makes DH electronis an important partner for Marantec Company Group. In total, 10,000 DHCOR i.MX6UL(L) modules have been ordered to date, and these have been accepted in the form of framework agreements.

Here you can find out at a glance what Marantec Company Group particularly appreciates about DH electronics:

  • High-quality computer module Engineered and Made in Germany at a fair price.
  • Communication at eye level with purchasing manager Anton
  • Flexible delivery agreement according to current component situation
  • Automatic information about changes
  • Physical proximity and common language facilitate daily cooperation
  • Hardware errors were quickly analyzed, localized and communicated, even if the error was not due to DH electronics.

We are very pleased to be able to make a contribution on the way to the smart garage at the Marantec Company Group. We developed our solderable computer module for exactly such purposes in building automation and are pleased that the advantages of the SOM - smallest design, highest energy efficiency, WiFi/BT connectivity - come into their own here.

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