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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Date : 14. January 2021

At the turn of the year, we look back on a tough year 2020, which was largely characterized by the global Corona pandemic.

Besides the switch to home office and some adjustments to the IT infrastructure, we were also affected by delivery bottlenecks and partially stopped customer projects. Of course, these challenges kept us pretty busy at the beginning. Looking back, we can now say that despite everything we had a very successful year 2020 and were able to record double-digit sales growth last year.

How did we manage that?
Over the past few years, we have put a lot of time and effort into our company and made many strategically important decisions to position ourselves for the future. For example, we have decided to always work with partners who are preferably from Germany, the DACH region or Europe, if that is possible. In addition, we go on with relying on open source solutions and use the European software 3CX for team calls instead of the common US solutions such as Teams and Zoom. We would also like to thank the entire Digital Heroes team, which has shown cohesion, strong nerves and creative ideas during this time. Together, we are optimistic about the upcoming year.

Do you have an upcoming embedded project in the future? Feel free to contact us!

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