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DHSBC STM32MP13: Single Board Computer for secure IoT applications

DHSBC STM32MP13: Single Board Computer for secure IoT applications

Date : 28. March 2024

DHSBC STM32MP13: reference design for secure industrial IoT devices based on STM32MP13x from STMicroelectronics
Single Board Computer for evaluation purposes with DHCOR STM32MP13

The Single Board Computer DHSBC STM32MP13 is a reference design for the evaluation of secure IoT devices and targets various applications such as industry 4.0, factory automation and smart metering. It is based on the solderable System on Module DHCOR STM32MP13 with only 29 x 29 mm and highlights the features of the STM32MP13x family. All STM32MP13x microprocessors are based on a single Arm® Cortex®-A7 core running up to 1GHz, with a rich set of connectivity options, such as dual Gigabit Ethernet. The solderable DHCOR STM32MP13 enables customers to make use of all the SoC features on the compute module and the DHSBC STM32MP13 provides access to most of them for evaluation purposes. Both the SBC and the SOM are industrial devices ready for mass production with guaranteed long-term availability of 10+ years.

“With those DHSBC and DHCOR STM32MP13 designed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, DH electronics offers an alternative to easily switch from development kit, dedicated to secure industrial IoT devices, to production. This is now possible using the STM32MP13x MPUs, thanks to the SBC and SoM ready for production and their software ecosystem,” said Stéphane Henry, Microprocessors Division General Manager,

The DHCOR STM32MP13 is a space- and cost-efficient solderable SOM with enhanced security features for any kind of smart application. The compute module comes at a size of 29 x 29 x 3.2 mm and can automatically be soldered to the mainboard thanks to pre-tinned LGA. This is very cost-efficient as the whole manufacturing process can be carried out fast and automatically at a high quality. DH electronics does not only use the STM32MP13x microprocessor on this SOM but also the power manager STPMIC1D which is used for power sequencing on the SOM, low power modes and, as a special highlight, the DHCOR can also provide power to the mainboard, and in addition it also handles the power sequencing of the mainboard. The System on Module comes with 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 MB DDR3L RAM, 4 / 8 /16 GB eMMC flash, EEPROM and Quad SPI boot flash. The Linux can boot from Quad SPI flash, eMMC or USB. The SOM comes with state-of-the-art connectivity and offers Single Band WiFi (802.11b/g/n) as well as Bluetooth 5.2. More features that need to be highlighted are Dual Gbit Ethernet, a temperature compensated RTC and 24-bit display support. Even if the DHSBC STM32MP13 is focused on headless, secure IoT devices it is possible to use the low-end System on Module DHCOR STM32MP13 for applications with RGB displays as well. Detailed information on available interfaces for LGA (271 pins) can be found in the User Manual. The System on Module is available in a low-end variant from 20 EUR, medium variant from 25 EUR and high-end variant from 30 EUR per piece. Please contact our sales team for detailed information via email to sales@dh-electronics.com.

DHSBC STM32MP13 provides state-of-the-art connectivity and offers 1x USB 2.0 host port, 1x USB-C device support, 1x USB-C power supply port. Furthermore, dual Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi (802.11 b/g/n 65Mbps) and Bluetooth 5.2 are offered. One UART port is reserved for Linux and Bootloader console and a reset button and boot mode switch are mounted. Furthermore, the Single Board Computer comes with a battery socket for the temperature compensated Real Time Clock and TPM. The evaluation board comes with a Raspberry Pi compatible socket and CAN FD is also available on this socket. The formfactor of the DHSBC STM32MP13 is similar to Raspberry Pi and the compatible socket allows the usage of accessories. The power supply of the Single Board Computer is done via the power manager STPMIC1D which is mounted on the solderable SOM and returns multiple power rails back to the base board. This does not only allow power sequencing and low power modes but is also a way to optimize costs as no additional power supply is needed on the SBC. The DHSBC STM32MP13 is an industrial and production ready device with CE certification and guaranteed long-term support of 10+ years. It comes at a price of 99 EUR per piece at for series orders. Please contact our sales team for detailed information via email to sales@dh-electronics.com.

Software Support
DH electronics contributes to the Open Source community by upstreaming new projects to the Mainline Linux kernel and will offer Mainline Linux support for the DHCOR STM32MP13 and DHSBC STM32MP13 from the very beginning on. Therefore optimizations, improvements and bug fixes are available to anyone. You will find the sources for our SOMs and development boards or reference designs in the Mainline Kernel and can directly use Linux-Next on this device. Currently we use LTS Linux kernel 6.6.y.  Apart from our own embedded devices we can also bring customer-specific devices Mainline. Due to the Mainline support updates can be also done easily and fast and will be supported by DH on a regular basis. We use a GitLab based CI/CD pipeline and can also carry out tests on real costumer hardware in our DH test rack.

About us
DH electronics is ST Authorized Partner and has specialized on individual embedded systems such as SOMs, HMIs and IoT Gateways engineered and made in Germany since 30 years. The office is located in southern Germany with short distances to the production site in Bavaria and to surrounding customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DH electronics supplies customers in whole Europe and worldwide and works closely with distributors such as Arrow and Alcom to ensure excellent customer service. DH is a pioneer for solderable SOMs and has developed solderable computer modules with pre-tinned LGA ball grids for STM32MP15x and STM32MP13x. DH electronics is not just a SOM maker but offers excellent customer support in terms of standard, semi- and fully-customized devices where customers are guided from the first idea to the finished product and beyond.

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