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DH electronics at Embedded Recipes

DH electronics at Embedded Recipes

Date : 29. September 2023

For the fifth time, the Embedded Recipes conference will take place in Paris and this year we are happy to be there not only as an attendee but also as a sponsor. Embedded Recipes will take place in Paris from September 28-29, 2023 and is one of the most important conferences on embedded Linux in Europe. Embedded Linux experts will give talks on topics like "Best practices for OAT update with SWUpdate" or "Accelerated ML at the edge with mainline". For us as part of the Open Source community it is important to follow the latest trends and developments on Embedded Linux from the very beginning. Before that, the Kerncel Reipces conference, also organized by BayLibre, will take place from September 25th to 27th, where we will also participate as visitors.

These were the conference highlights for our developers Christoph and Pascal:

Both appreciated the close personal and technical exchange with developers and maintainers from the Linux community. While some maintainers gave the participants valuable tips for their daily work as Linux developers, other speakers focused on hot topics such as the impact of the planned Cyber Resilience Act on the open source community. At DH, we are currently working intensively on the topic of embedded security and the possible effects of the planned Cyber Resilience Act. In addition, we are already deploying SWUpdate for Over-The-Air Updates and using the stress-ng tool for workload testing and debugging. Insights into how kernel developers deal with security bugs were also very interesting and there is a clear recommendation to always use a "stable kernel" or "longterm maintenance kernel", which we already do at DH. Also a report about the effort a developer needs to make a new system on a chip compatible with the mainline Linux was helpful, because this is also an issue for us when developing new system on modules.

We recommend the following talks available on YouTube:

  • Best practices for OTA update with SWUpdate, Stefano Babic (ER)
  • stress-ng: finding kernel bugs through stress testing, Colin Ian King (KR)
  • Demystifying the Linux kernel security process, Greg Kroah-Hartman (KR)

Pascal adds: "Privately, I was fascinated by a talk about gaming in Linux, where it was shown that kernel changes that were actually made as improvements for gaming have improved the kernel for everyone (I'm just a gamer 😉 ).


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