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DHSOM: Solderable DHCOR STM32MP13 from 20 EUR

DH electronics is ST Authorized Partner

DHSOM: Solderable DHCOR STM32MP13 with extended security features from 20 EUR

The DHCOR STM32MP13 from the STM32MP1 family is a solderable system on module in stamp size with 29 x 29 x 3.2mm enabling cost-effective, automated assembly and advanced security features. The STM32MP13 microprocessor targets applications in Industry 4.0, factory automation, smart metering, smart home, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and point of sales (PoS). It is based on a single arm Cortex-A7 core running at up to 1 GHz and features a variety of connectivity options, eMMC and SPI boot flash, WiFi, Bluetooth and supports Dual GB Ethernet and Dual CAN-FD. In addition, the STPMIC1 enables low power modes and supplies USB 2.0 host and USB OTG as well as the entire mainboard with 5.0 VDC. In addition, all SoCs are available on the mainboard. DH electronics guarantees a long-term availability of 10+ years for this cost- and energy-efficient SOM with mainline Linux.