Thursday, 04. June 2020

Your Digital Heroes @IKORO 2020

Our vision, mission and values

Due to the corona crisis, the industry and contact fair of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (IKORO) took place digitally for the first time this year. The fair pursues the goal of establishing contact between students and companies from the region and is now a fixed component in the calendar of DH electronics. Every year we present our company and current job offers for interns, working students and young professionals. This year, students could inform themselves at our virtual booth and get to know our Digitial Heroes Team via web conference. 

In addition to professional qualifications, we are particularly interested in the social skills and values of our applicants. In the Digital Heroes Team we want to work with people who share our vision, understand our mission and can identify with our values. In our experience, long-term successful, respectful cooperation at eye level is only possible if these basic attitudes fit together on both sides. Of course, at the beginning of an interview we introduce the applicants not only to our products and services but also to the vision, mission and values of DH electronics and we want to do the same at this point.

The vision describes our vision of the future. It draws a picture of what we want to achieve with DH electronics in the long term. Thus it serves us as an orientation, gives our daily work a meaning and motivates us to give our best every day. We have worked out our common vision with the whole team.

""In a family environment, we work with passion - based on our embedded products and services - to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for the digital world of tomorrow."

Our mission can be derived from the vision and describes how we work. In contrast to the long-term vision, the mission also provides us with an orientation in our everyday work in our tasks and decisions. The mission is clearly defined and thus provides a concrete framework for action. In addition to our vision and mission, we also want to share our values with new members of the Digital Heroes team. Values are the basis of our thoughts and actions, are temporary and non-negotiable. People with similar values can usually work together very well over a long period of time. In contrast to this, very different value conceptions can lead to having to go separate ways.

As a value-oriented company, we see it as our responsibility to deal openly and honestly with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. We want to pass this attitude on to future colleagues. 
Even if, in our opinion, an interview via web conference cannot completely replace a personal meeting, it is a good way to get to know the applicants in advance. In any case, the decision to invite them for an interview at our company is much easier. As in previous years, we were able to meet a lot of great applicants at the digital IKORO this year and look forward to meeting some of them personally in the near future.

You can find an overview of our career opportunities here. Please send us your application documents by e-mail to bewerbung@dh-electronics.com. If you have any questions, our personnel department will be happy to assist you. You can reach them by phone at +49 8662 4882-0.