Wednesday, 11. November 2020

Successful webinar with our partner Arrow Electronics

Avenger96 and the DHSOM product family based on the STM32MP1

Recently we presented our DHSOM product family in a webinar with our partner Arrow Electronics. The focus was on our System on Modules, which are based on the STM32MP1 microprocessor series. Together with Arrow Electronics we developed a CE-certified board based on the first STM32 MPU last year. Avenger96 is a 96Boards compatible consumer edition board based on the highly integrated STM32MP157A multi-market application processor. The board is currently available from the Arrow Electronics online store starting at 120 €: https://www.arrow.de/products/avenger96/dh-electronics-gmbh


You can view the complete webinar HERE directly.

The webinar dealt with the following topics:

1. Company presentation DH electronics

2. Short introduction to the STM32MP1

3. Use of the STM32MP1 in the DHSOM product family from DH electronics

4. Software connected to the STM32MP1

5. Sensorless control of a brushless DC motor based on the STM32MP1

STM32MP1 | MPU | SOM | System on Module | DHSOM | DH electronics

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