Monday, 11. March 2019

STM32 meets Linux

New System on Module: DHCOR STM32MP15x

Our solderable DHCOR STM32MP15x module gives the STM32 community an easy way to extend their embedded projects easily and software-compatible with scalable, Linux- and Ethernet-capable hardware.

These hybrid multiprocessors combine the widely used and proven Cortex-M4 processor (209 MHz) with one or two Cortex-A7 cores (650 MHz) and optionally with a hardware crypto unit and/or a Vivante 3D GPU with HD resolution (533 MHz). In addition, there are up to 1 GB DDR3 Memory, Power Management IC (PMIC), and 2 MB SPI Boot Flash on the module.

Particularly noteworthy is the analogue peripherals with 2x 16 bit ADC, 2x 12 bit DAC, digital filter for Sigma Delta modulator with 8 channels / 6 filters as well as a temperature sensor and an internal voltage reference source. Up to 29 timer, counter or encoder inputs, three watchdogs and 176 IO ports leave nothing to be desired. The 37 communication interfaces allow the connection to almost all common interfaces, particularly significant here are LIN, CAN-FD with TTCAN, HDMI-CEC, common audio interfaces, USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. Modern cryptographic accelerators for encryption, hashes, random numbers and CRC calculation relieve the CPU of safety-related tasks and is thus well equipped for the IoT era.

Alternatively, in addition to the solder-on module, there is also a DHCOM version with the proven SODIMM-200 form factor under development. It has already integrated a WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac / Bluetooth 4.2LE wireless interface, a USB hub and an RJ45 Ethernet interface.

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