A pioneering software platform for the sheet metal craft

S-Touch Mobile, an innovation that saves costs and time on the building site!

In the past, dimensions and profiles of the building site were always drawn on paper with a pencil. As sketches leave a lot of room for interpretation, subsequent machining in the workshop often produced rejects. This led to a waste of material and time and additional costs.

To address this problem, the idea of the S-Touch Mobile came into being in collaboration with DH electronics.

This prize-winning data capture system enables the tinsmith to draw sheet metal profiles directly on site and to dimension edge profiles precisely. This profile data is then passed directly to the workshop. The order is thus already produced in advance while the tinsmith is still on site.

Hand in hand toward the right solution!

During development, DH electronics implemented the customer's requirements without compromise and played its part with innovative proposals. This led to a trend-setting software platform for the tinsmith's work. The focus was, in particular, on practical usability and simple user guidance in order to achieve an end-to-end software solution from measurement on site to manufacture in the business.

DH electronics – a long-standing partner of Schechtl

"For more than 15 years, we have developed and produced innovative control units, tailored to the swivel bending machines and guillotine shears of our customer, Schechtl. Right from the start, in addition to robustness, reliability, and quality, innovation in user controls was at the forefront," says Stefan Daxenberger, Managing Director of DH electronics, congratulating Schechtl on the innovation prize.

The reward for the work is the innovation prize awarded by Baumetall. For more information, see the report in the Baumetall magazine.