DHCOM AM335x – ultracompact COM

The ultracompact DHCOM AM335x with Linux is the professional and inexpensive solution for many applications in the field of automation, smart home, communication, mobile, or medicine.

The SD600E module is the new module in the DHCOM family!

WiFi & Bluetooth on board

IoT edge computing & machine learning

Mobile applications

Demanding visualization and control tasks


DHCOM – "5-Cent Cooling Solution" by DH electronics

Thanks to the new "5-Cent Cooling Solution" for DH's ARM-based COM i.MX6x, heat sinks are no longer needed.


PCAP touch operates underwater

DH electronics shows the functionality of its PCAP touch system under difficult conditions, such as using it underwater or with rubber gloves.



Intuitive operations in the car wash due to PCAP touch screens

A successful project: WashTec AG is using PCAP touch systems by DH electronics!

Software features DHCOM i.MX6x

New features of the DHCOM i.MX6x Module presented by Robert Göllner at the embedded world in Nürnberg.

Services by DH electronics

DH electronics offers customized solution services, such as software development, hardware development, and assembly production.

Furthermore, DH electronics provides project planning, certification, logistics, and customer training.

We will take care of your individual requirements - please contact us!

Embedded solution services and support directly from the manufacturer

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Helmut Henschke